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Crosbie Foundry has made brass, bronze, and aluminum castings for all of the following applications: bronze lightning protection cable bases, bronze lightning protection cable spikes, bronze impellors, bronze cabinet pulls, brass cabinet pulls, bronze cabinet knobs, brass cabinet knobs, bronze cabinet back plates, brass cabinet back plates, bronze cabinet levers, bronze firefighting castings, bronze rosettes, brass rosettes, bronze electrical grippers, bronze electrical hangers, bronze grounding rod augers, bronze striker plates, bronze fuse pullers, bronze wheel nuts, bronze switch hooks, bronze grounding clamp grippers, bronze eye screws, bronze decorative tiles, brass decorative tiles, bronze signage, brass signage, bronze tee signs, brass tee signs, bronze yardage markers, brass yardage markers, aluminum yardage markers, bronze cart path markers, brass cart path markers, aluminum cart path markers, bronze railroad keys, brass railroad keys, aluminum decorative corners, aluminum actuator covers, aluminum handles, brass window back -plates, aluminum keyhole escutcheons, brass cup pulls, bronze cup pulls, brass firefighting nozzles, bronze firefighting nozzles, bronze metering valves, bronze check valves.

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