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    16" x 16"  |   12" x 18"

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    12" x 20"  |   14" x 19"

    18" x 18"  |   12" x 22"

    13" x 19"


.: Welcome to Crosbie Foundry

.: Crosbie Foundry has specialized in producing high quality sand castings since 1956. Working exclusively with nonferrous metals, our craftsmen utilize green sand to produce fine-finish castings with consistent tolerances.

.: Our operation can also provide services that include pattern making, prototyping, machining, coring, polishing, and plating. We also provide test bars and certifications for any production alloy.

.: Although Crosbie Foundry is highly automated, short-run and prototype parts are readily handled with the same care and efficiency as large production orders.

.: Crosbie Foundry has the reputation of providing quick start-ups on new projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to ship on YOUR timetable.

.: We welcome the opportunity to quote your next casting job. All quote requests should be directed to John Crosbie, Operations Manager.

.: Crosbie Foundry Specializes in smaller castings. Parts we typically run weigh in the range of a couple of ounces to about five pounds, although we do run much larger parts, too. We are limited on the size of the part. The size of our typical production flasks are listed to the left.

.: Thank you!

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